• Julia Duarte

Motion Capture: What is it? Why is it Important?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

At Brave, our mission is to make motion capture accessible.

Our real-time motion tracking technology pairs with a data analysis software platform to provide objective, actionable feedback to coaches and athletes across all sports as they work together to unlock better performance and reduce potential injuries.

But first, what is motion capture? Why is it important? Read on to find out more about this technology and how Brave has revolutionized its power and accessibility.

What is Motion Capture?

Motion capture is simply the process of recording movement. It is used in entertainment to capture specific motions for animations, in medicine for doctors to diagnose and treat their patients, and in sports, for athletes to improve their physical performance. In more technical terms, motion capture uses sensors, whether they be on- or off-body, to record objective data such as joint kinematics, global orientations, and force analysis. In the past, this data could only be measured in a lab filled with expensive cameras, treadmills, and markers, but now, wearable motion capture brings the data to you.

At Brave, our motion capture technology eliminates the need for cameras and provides a wearable alternative to capture movement in athletes anywhere, anytime. A series of wearable, adjustable sensors work together to provide accurate objective data to ensure performance improvement and reduce the risk of injury in athletes.

Why is Motion Capture Important?

Motion capture provides objectivity – the basis of our increasingly data-driven world. In sports, statistics have come to influence every movement, every play call, and every minute decision. Instead of getting clouded in subjective opinion, motion capture cuts straight to the facts: the numbers, the data. Moreover, physical inefficiencies that were once missed with video are now highlighted by motion capture. This technology captures and analyzes the appropriate metrics, which are then interpreted by a professional and can help improve a player’s coordination and athletic ability.

Time is and always will be the most important aspect of a player’s career. As the clock inevitably ticks on during an athlete’s career, motion capture is there to save time. By quickly identifying faulty movements and correcting them using calculated, data-fueled methods, an athlete can truly improve their trade.

Granting access to previously exclusive technology, wearable motion capture has and will revolutionize the rapidly growing field of motion capture. Brave’s wearable motion capture technology has turned motion capture into a superpower for anyone’s hands, even yours. After all, we have and always will prioritize and emphasize motion capture made accessible.

Written and edited by Julia Duarte. Julia is a second year at the University of Virginia, hoping to study Global Public Health and English. She’s interested in technology that has the potential to change the world and meaningfully impact living on a global scale. Driven by her passion for writing, she helps Brave spread their message: motion capture made accessible. In her free time, she enjoys journaling and watching episodes of The Blacklist.