Introducing Valor


Brave’s New Lightweight Motion Capture Suit 

Super Fast and Accurate
Motion Capture Data Technology

10 Sensor Motion Capture Technology

Our physical solution is custom-made and lightweight with 10 3D printed motion capture units that can accurately track movement at ± 2° at a sampling rate of

30 HZ. 

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Record Data Within Minutes 
Anywhere and Everywhere 
for Longer with
Wireless Technology


Record Data Anywhere 

Our suit, Valor is wireless via Bluetooth which makes it usable anywhere. Without WI-FI, Valor has an offline mode feature on the app that records data and stores it until it is able to send it over via WI-FI or LTE. 

 Valor has a 96-hour battery life allowing the user to record multiple sessions without charging it every day.

Comfortable, Easy To Put On, Fast Setup Time, Wearable in Everyday Clothing


Quick and Comfortable Equipment

Valor features a comfortable and flexible 10 band system. Each band is made of a spandex-like material that is easy to wear and move in.

Its wireless feature lets users wear Valor under clothing to use in day-to-day life.

Valor has a 2 minute setup time meaning the user can start recording data minutes after setting up the product. 

Informative, Accurate, and Easy to Use Software


Analytics/Visualization Dashboard

The Analytics/Visualization Dashboard consists of 3 parts: a session playback, drawing tool, and session report page. The Dashboard also allows users to view recorded sessions in the form of graphs, tables, and simulations. This way, the user gets valuable insight into the biomechanics of the session. Athletes, coaches, and professionals alike are able to view these sessions. 

Routine/Assessment System

The Routine/Assessment system allows professionals to create routines and assessments for their athletes on our mobile app. These routines and assessments can be archived and edited to keep the system updated. From the Athlete Dashboard, professionals can view dynamic reports from completed routines. 


Athlete Management Dashboard

The Athlete Management Dashboard allows coaches and other professionals to track their athletes' information such as contact information, biometrics, sessions, and completed routines/assessments.

VR Compatible 

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Valor's VR Capabilities

Valor can easily be interfaced with a virtual reality headset to effectively 'gamify' any industry. VR can also enable novel approaches to neurologic therapy, telehealth, and so much more. With virtual reality, the possibilities are infinite.